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British Ale in Canada

English beer has a long history. British ale as Belgian monastery beers, has a lot in common with shanty liquors that people drank in Europe 2-3 centuries ago - before bottom-fermenting sorts had been discovered.

British Ale compared to other beers in the world is purely British invention. Fruit flavor of this sort of beer is achieved due to fairly rapid fermentation that takes place in the heat with addition of various types of yeast during fermentation. Such type of fermentation is known as top fermentation. There are many varieties of ale. Bitter sorts are in greatest demand in the UK. Its color diverges from golden yellow to the color of old gold with copper-red shades. Bitter ale contains a little alcohol. All varieties of British Ale have a noticeable bitterness, because of hop presence that gives the beer a specific hop flavor. If you want to taste this interesting drink, you can find it in the assortment of our Hamilton beer delivery store.

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