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Lager or Pilsner?

Lager or Pilsner? Is there a difference? Lets figure out some basic differences.

So what is Lager? It is bottom-fermented beer brewed from light, dark and colored barley malt. Its flavor emphasizes primarily its aromatic varieties, but not a hop. Malt character prevails over hop in its flavor.

Pilsner is also a bottom-fermenting beer, but brewed from light malt only. It has pronounced hop flavor. Pilsner has a lower alcohol content compared with Lager. It has pronounced hop aroma, filled with less malty, but perfectly refreshing flavor. Pilsner is the common name for light, golden-colored strongly hopped beer. It was originally brewed in Bohemia in Pilsen in 1842. It is considered to be more bitter than lager. There are two sorts of Pilsner: northern German sort - brewed from bitter hops, this kind of beer is less sweet and dense, and the Bavarian sort - with less pronounced bitter hop taste.

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