Delivery Charge $6.75 (inc hst)

From the Store to your door- Avg Delivery time 40 minutes

Hamilton City Wide 905-549-BEER (2337)

Hamilton Mountain 905-318-2345

Now hiring Part Time drivers- Contact Office to Apply

Hamilton delivery area

We deliver all BEER STORE and LCBO products within Hamilton City Wide and Hamilton Mountain areas.

Average Delivery time 40 minutes

Hours of operation

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 9:30am – 10pm

Sun: 10:30am – 5pm

Phone us: 905 549 2337 and 905 318 2345

Why choose dial-a-beer

We pick up convenience store items, take back empties and accept ALL competitors coupons!!!

We charge IN-STORE PRICING and save you time and effort with our fast and dependable delivery service.

Base Delivery Charge $6,75 inc hst

Beer Store & LCBO

Check out The Beer Store and LCBO for the latest deals.

* All recipients must be of legal age and provide photo ID as required!

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for professional and reliable people to join our team of delivery drivers.

We are accepting applications for fulltime and partime shifts.

Please call 905-549-2337 for more information.

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